Representing Lifestyle Gear as another ambassador is Coni Flores – @the_wanderer_photographer. Coni will provide readers with an independent review on the exciting and innovative brands we sell.

Coni is one of the loviest, most down to earth, honest people you will ever meet. She is passionate about the outdoors and capturing its ever changing moods in spectacular scenery and often isolated landscapes. Coni, and her husband Emilio, are extremely motivated people. They try to spend every opportunity they can hiking, camping and of course photographing the beauty of nature. With the heart of a philosopher, and a deep grounded wisdom, Coni has a wonderful outlook on life. She has a unique perspective to share often through the lens of her camera.

Originally from Chile, they are now currently living in Tauranga and have starting the process of applying for New Zealand residency. As they love and embody the NZ lifestyle and are always traveling far and near wanting to experience it all.

Coni is completing her diploma in Social Media Marketing. Her plan is to start up her own business providing content and managing business accounts who have a focus on the outdoors. So if you have noticed a change in our Instagram that is courtesy of Coni. We hope you love the new look and direction that she has bought to it as much as we do.

Coni and Emilio have traveled the globe for the past 5 years and visited multiple countries. Her wish is to show case the world, its most beautiful and unknown views and cultures. Primarily done through the lens of her trusty camera and her beautifully descriptive writings on her Instagram blog mentioned below.

Paper & Ink Project

In her 2018 trip to Nepal, Coni embarked on Paper and Ink. A non-profitable photography project carried out during her 1000km trek through the mountains and ranges of Nepal. Having dreamt of the idea while traveling in Myanmar, she crowd funded the US$1,100 to purchase the necessary printer, ink and paper. During this time Coni and her husband, printed 500 photos to hand out to those people, friends and families in many of the remote villages. This not only shows her strength of spirit and “can do nature”, but also her selflessness and willingness to give back.

Follow Coni Flores – @the_wanderer_photographer

You too can share and follow her adventures primarily on Instagram, but also Facebook. With frequent updates, Coni is always sharing her past and present adventures with her followers. To find out a bit more about Coni we recommend you follow her on:

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Coni Flores Nepal
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Coni Flores is an independent ambassador for Lifestyle Gear. She is in no way financially involved, has any shareholding or directorships of the business, nor is she employed by Lifestyle Gear. While we only publish her responses to using the innovative and exciting products Lifestyle Gear sells and represents in New Zealand, her opinions are completely independent.

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