Banquet Summer Picnic Table

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Banquet Summer Picnic Table

It is a well-known fact that Kiwis love spending time in the outdoors. Especially during the warmer months when we like to entertain with family and friends. Whether it be for a BBQ or a beach picnic, at the park or down on the river’s edge. Outdoors are engrained in our lives and the Banquet Summer Picnic Table is ideal to keep your food and drinks safe and easily accessible. Out of reach of creepy crawlies or dirt/sand, all the while keeping your beverages upright that prevent your special drop from being spilt.

Our deluxe folding Banquet Summer Picnic Table is perfect for bigger groups of family or friends and can easily cater for 6 or more people. The table also comes complete with an ice bucket to keep drinks cool and you refreshed.

As with all of our portable, compact, lightweight, picnic tables they come in a choice of designs. Each table has been produced to achieve the perfect effect by hand-sanding each table individually to show varying patches of colour and timber. So every table is unique and individual, with no two tables looking the same. Blue Bay and Sunset option are hand-painted, whereas the Natural is sustainable plywood in its natural form. Each table is finished with 2 coats of varnish to help to protect it from the elements. However, if you get a scratch or nick on the surface, simply use beeswax to recoat and protect it.

Great Accessories

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