Lifestyle Gear is a New Zealand owned business dedicated to sourcing outdoor gear, camping equipment & glamping products suited to New Zealand’s outdoor lifestyle. If you are looking for something unique, practical or stylish check us out.

Here at Lifestyle Gear we hope to bring you some of the worlds most up to date, innovative and exciting outdoor accessories, camping equipment or glamping products available. We may have limited quantities. But we are excited to bring you gear that is new to market and something a little different from mainstream outdoor chains. All the while enhancing your experience in the great outdoors. Whether it be watching sports or at an outdoor concert. Creating memories with family & friends or relaxing at the beach, we’ve got you covered.

As authorised sales agents and distributors for the following successful international brands. We represent either outdoor gear, camping equipment or glamping products:

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As Kiwi owned and NZ operated online store, Lifestyle Gear not a “faceless” business! Alot of people nowadays hide behind websites and their emails, However, customers can contact us at any reasonable hour of the day.

Reputable suppliers and inventors from around the world are sourced to supply original products. We, therefore, stand behind what we offer and you can be sure we will only bring you the best. We do not accept counterfeit copies or “rip-offs” products. Check out our blog page on our experiences and what we think of the outdoor gear, camping equipment & glamping accessories we supply.

Lounger Treepod Outdoor Glamping Hammock Aqua Marine
Moroccan camping equipment caravan outdoor mat
Moroccan Designed Recycled Mat Glamping Products with Summer Picnic WIne Table Banquet
Otentik Original Beach Sunshade - ultimate beach tent, sun shelter beach sand bags
small rechargeable pump for inflatable toys ideal for camping
Luci rechargeable Solar Lantern, solar light, perfect as camping equipment or glamping product

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