Otentik Beach Sunshade

beach sunshade tent shelter


The Otentik beach sun shade tent shelter is a new fun option that will provide protection for the whole family. They are not only easy to set up, but once the are up you do not have to move to create shade – just shuffle the poles to create your space.

Revolutionising outdoor fun

Otentik beach sun shade tent shelter range has changed the way people have fun outdoors. The trick was developing a very simple and practical idea into an eco-friendly, simple product that is also beautiful to lay eyes on.

The idea was to create an effective, family sized beach tent that would be both easy to carry and also easy to use. A product that would protect its users from harmful UV rays and be a joy to look at.

The perfect beach shade experience

From the get-go Otentik set out to explore and develop every aspect of our product, until they were sure it was perfect. Every beach shade produced at Otentik has to attain the following goals:

  • Practicality – easy to carry, setup & pack down. Fits in carry on luggage.
  • Quality – provide years of faithful service and have no manufacturing flaws.
  • Efficiency – offer the highest possible UV protection*.
  • Aesthetic – chic sporty look that will turn heads.

No corners were cut, and hard work and perseverance have furthermore than paid off.

*Regardless of the UV protection our products offer, we strongly urge our beach tent users to fully protect themselves against the harmful rays of the sun. All users need to also consider the slip, slop, slap application.

One for every occasion

Otentik beach tents come in a variety of sizes designed to meet the different needs of users. The original beach canopy was designed for a family of four. Then the larger big beach sun shade tent shelter that will provide protection up to six people was added to the range.

Setup is a breeze

All you need to do is lay them out, fill the anchors with sand, and pop-up the supporting poles. No muss no fuss, in minutes you are busy having fun, and when you are done you just reverse the process.

No more lugging heavy bulky beach shelters

All of our beach tents weigh around 2 kgs and come in a sleek carry bag with straps. Throw it over your shoulder and you still feel like there’s nothing there. Our beach sunshade tent shelters fit easily into carry on luggage and still leaves you room for plenty of other things.

To check out Otentik beach sunshade tent shelter range – click here and for an independent view from our Lifestyle Gear Ambassador – click here.

Otentik shelter for the family at the beach
Otentik sunshade beach tent
Otentik shelter for the family at the beach
otentik beach shelter purple
Otentik Original Sunshade - ultimate beach tent, sun shelter beach
otentik beach tent sun shade shelter
Otentik shelter for the family at the beach
Otentik Red Family Sun Shade Beach Tent Shelter
beach shelter tent sunshade
otentik beach large tent
Otentik Original Sunshade - ultimate beach tent, sun shelter beach shade for the family

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