Outlery – Sustainable Travel Cutlery

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OUTLERY – A pocket-sized, re-useable cutlery &/or chopstick set for On-the-Go!

Outlery is a collapsible & portable cutlery set that is designed to replace single-use plastic & wooden utensils given to you while out and about. #BYOC (Bring Your Own Cutlery)


World’s First Non-Toxic, Non-BPA, Collapsible & Portable Cutlery that fits in your pocket.

Plastic cutlery is certainly convenient. However, it is one of the most wasteful products available. Left along these single-use utensils are detrimental to the environment. As such, Outlery was “cooked up” as an environmentally friendly alternative. The sets consist of collapsible and reusable cutlery, and chopsticks, that can be packed into a very manageable pocket-sized container.

According to the inventor of the Outlery travel cutlery, there are more than 80 billion single-use cutlery and chopstick pieces used and thrown away every year. Their response was to design eco-friendly compact, portable, reusable utensil set. A set that packs down into what can easily be described as the world’s smallest cutlery set.

Made from stainless steel, the collapsible cutlery and chopstick sets do away with plastic entirely and even replace the more modern wooden utensils. They come in small cases made from recycled tin. In the case of the chopsticks, these measures just 8 cm by 2.4 cm and the cutlery screw together to be full size at nearly 21cm. All the while the cutlery case they come in measures 6.3 x 8.2 cm. Furthermore, once you are finished your meal, just pour some water on the cutlery. Then wipe it clean with a napkin before putting them back in the tin box.

When mealtime arrives, the various components of the fork, knife and spoon, or a pair of chopsticks, can simply be screwed together to reveal full-sized cutlery. As New Atlas says in their review of Outlery, there is nothing hugely revolutionary with these travel cutlery sets. There is however an admirable effort to help curb the problem with plastic waste a design that nice and functional.

Collapsible, Compact & Portable Cutlery & Chopsticks Designed To Replace Single-Use Plastic & Wooden Utensils For Good

Outlery raised more than US$2 million combined on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. This backing from an eager market actually brought this product to the worldwide market.

We also love the Bring Your Own Cutlery (BYOC) concept and these travel cutlery sets compliment the Lifestyle Gear way. Whether it’s camping, picnicking or keep in your office desk, it’s very handy to have your own cutlery that you can trust will do the job. And be clean, especially these days.

There is often one question that people ask and the answer is really quite fun:

“What’s the purpose of the silicone turtle in the Outlery sets?”

And the answer:

“One of the reasons Outlery was created was to help play a part in helping care for the worlds marine life. Included in each set is Frankie – the resident turtle. He serves to remind us every time we use your Outlery, we prevent a plastic fork from ending up in the oceans.“

Please read the FAQ’s for further information.

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Outlery, reusable, compact, cutlery, setup
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