Treepod – Spacious Hanging Retreat

Treepod, Cabana & Lounger - spacious hanging tent


TreePod, Cabana & Lounger – spacious hanging tent is designed by Hanging Habitats, a Colorado based company, that specialises in creating portable and stylish hang-out spaces that literally “hang-out.”


The Pods are a retreat that blend together features of hammocks, hanging chairs, tree tents and also a floating glamping tent, offering a perfect space to relax while suspended off the ground. The original TreePod, an instant treehouse geared toward kids, launched via a successful Kickstarter in 2015. TreePod has since evolved to offer additional sophisticated designs for use outdoors as well as in the home, with a variety of models to accommodate all ages.

THE LOUNGER & THE CABANA – Blending of Hammocks, Hanging Tent & a Floating Glamping Tent

Relax easily and relax often. The new TreePod Lounger & Cabana have been designed to be your ultimate hanging relaxation escape. With only one hanging point and diameters of 4 foot (1.2m), 5 foot (1.5m) or 6 foot (1.8m), TreePod takes the evolution of hammocks to an entirely new level. Initially only the 6 foot (1.8m) in selected colours will be available.

Whether you’re planning a weekend trip away or looking to escape everyday life on your own back porch, our newest TreePods will give you the comfort of a luxurious bungalow, along with the phenomenal floating experience of hammocks.

For every TreePod sold, Hanging Habitats – the inventor of this hanging tent / adults treehouse, donates a portion of profits to Trees for the Future.

Check out the TreePod, Cabana & Lounger – spacious hanging tent/floating glamping tent, is a revolutionary range available exclusively in New Zealand through Lifestyle Gear.


  1. We do not advise that the TreePod is used in a high traffic recreational environment, such as a playground. The TreePod is ideally suited in a controlled/monitored situation to create a relaxing environment and as a sensory swing.

  2. All TreePod Cabana & Lounger models are made of canvas and leaving them outside all year round increases the risk of any warranty becoming void. Canvas (and therefore TreePods) is not designed to be left outside for extended periods of time. Exposure to prolonged moisture and/or sun will cause rot, mildew, mould and/or a build-up of natural matter which deteriorates the product prematurely and causes unnecessary damage.

    Please read the FAQ’s for further information.

Treepod glamping hanging tent
Ivory Cabana Treepod inside looking out
Ivory Cabana Treepod meditating retreat
Ivory Cabana Treepod Tree
Aqua marine Lounger Treepod reading
Treepod, Cabana & Lounger - spacious hanging tent Ivory bush
Treepod carry bag

The Treepod Cabana & Lounger – spacious hanging retreat range will be available exclusively in New Zealand through Lifestyle Gear. The range of this new to market product is limited initially, but we will be stocking all sizes and accessories as they become available.

If you are interested in becoming a retailer of the TreePod, please click here.

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