rechargeable inflation air pump

Max Pump – Lightweight rechargeable inflation air pump

Max pump is a lightweight rechargeable inflation air pump for toys & air mattresses. Not only will it save man power, it will also save the children fighting, crying and more importantly stress to parents.

Simply charge the Max Pump with a USB connection. Throw it in the swimming bag and you are ready. Inflate pool toys with ease and within a few minutes once you are at your destination. Or put it in your camping kit to inflate your air mattress within minutes when out in the wilderness without the use of man power.

Not only does Max Pump inflate but it also deflates. Thus giving you the ability to take multiple toys with you to the pool. Not only will this save the stress of worrying about getting them into the car without puncturing them. It will also prevent the children from fighting over who’s turn it is!

MAX PUMP – A tiny but powerful inflation pump

Convenient, lightweight, powerful, compact, rechargeable inflation air pump. Our children love to take inflatable toys to the pool. Inevitably we cram one pre-inflated toy in the car and quickly close the boot. Hopefully not puncturing it in the process. The Max Pump has assisted us in ensuring we can get more than just one toy in the car. Eliminating the nervous boot closure! All the while providing a relative peaceful swim with enough inflatables for all. The Max Pump is a great invention by the guys at Flextail. They have created an innovative device that is small enough to slot straight into...

Unique Gifts

It was not until we had a recent business enquiry that we realised we may have some items that truly are unique corporate gift ideas - items thats will remain as memorable gifts for years to come. Our selection of New Zealand themed and designed Recycled Mats, fashionable Otentik Sunshades (beach tent shelters) or our Summer Picnic wine tables are all ideal. Also our range of lights and lanterns are items that should not be over looked. What better way to make a good impression on clients and staff. Reward them with memorable gifts or a unique corporate gift. Finding a...

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