Lightweight, waterproof, rechargeable, camping light

The Helio Lantern is a lightweight, waterproof, rechargeable, camping light. Lasting up to 6 hours with a single 30-minute charge, Helio will provide 200 Lumens.

Traditional camping lanterns can be bulky, heavy to carry and limited in application. But the Helio Lantern is a lightweight, powerful, compact, rechargeable light that shatters all expectations. Especially with its pocket-sized shape and 45-gram weight.

Lightweight, waterproof, rechargeable, camping light changes by USB

Users can charged the Helio by a power bank, portable charger, or laptop or any USB port. Once initially charged, the Helio Lantern then takes 30 minutes to fully charge. Then you can use continuously for up to 6 hours of light.

The Helio lantern boasts over 400 hours of uninterrupted light when utilising a 10,000mAh power bank and is 30 percent more efficient than traditional camping lanterns. The Helio is also rated 4/5 on the IPX waterproofing scale. Meaning it can withstand a moderate amount of exposure to rain or water. Making for ideal use in unpredictable weather conditions.

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Let there be light!

If you’ve been following my previous blogs for Lifestyle Gear NZ and my activities on social media you’ll know that my family and I enjoy nature and getting amongst it as much as possible.  In doing so means being out in the elements and having equipment to assist with that makes all the difference. When introduced to the Luci Outdoor Solar Lantern 2.0 I was sceptical of its capabilities. But I was pleasantly surprised when using it for the first time and now it’s a staple in the car and ready on hand for any night-time adventures. We’ve used the lantern...

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The Helio Lantern – Small But Mighty

The Helio Lantern is not a traditional camping lantern. This small but mighty, portable, rechargeable, powerful camping light has an ability to provide enough light to see what you are doing in any situation. The Helio exceeds all expectations. It weighs 45 gms - about the size of an egg. The Helio Lantern is the latest and another great innovative invention by the guys at Flextail Gear. They are a team of outdoor enthusiasts based out of Changzhou City, China. Their mission to develop lightweight outdoor equipment. ' The Helio (along with the Max Pump) serves this purpose brilliantly as the first...

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