Solo Stove - portable gasless cookers

Solo Stove – the latest in camping equipment.

Ideal as a camping or hunting cooker bbq alternative for those on the move. These stainless steel cookers are the latest in camping equipment available in New Zealand.

All stoves nest inside the matching stainless pots sets. With three different sizes available users have a choice to match the size they need to cater for.

The double burn technology creates enough heat to boil a litre of water in 3 minutes. Making them one of the most efficient stoves on the market. All the while not having to worry about how much fuel you have.

These stoves are also great to create some atmosphere around the campsite as a campfire to toast marshmallows.

Solo Stove – More Than Just a Cooking Device

Solo Stove Portable Campfire: We were super excited to be bringing in the Solo Stove portable campfire, that the first available weekend we high tailed it to one of our local beaches, children and marshmallows in tow. The Solo Stove is so easy to light and burns so efficiently it's effortless. We just kicked back and watched while the kids devoured more marshmallows than they should of! With varying degrees of success, my middle child trying to convince everyone that marshmallows on fire tasted better!! I loved the fact that this was so spontaneous and different from what we normally do...

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