Kiwis are over cheap products

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Lifestyle Gear - international outdoor products for NZ

Kiwis are over cheap products

As a Kiwi business, Lifestyle Gear NZ is dedicated to sourcing international outdoor products suited to New Zealand’s outdoor lifestyle.

In a NZ Herald article Briscoes Managing Director, Rod Duke said “Over the past seven or eight years, a new perception of value has developed. Kiwis are over cheap rubbish, they’re over lowest price guarantees. They’re sick of buying things that break.” Briscoes have moved their focus away from the cheap and nasty. They now endeavour to deliver good-quality brands NZ consumers know. Their aim is to do so at affordable prices.

At Lifestyle Gear, we have a similar focus – providing outdoor products at affordable prices. We endeavour to focus on quality outdoor products that have been successful around the world and have not yet made it to the land of the “long white cloud”. We are glad someone else agrees that Kiwis are over cheap products. Our range will be limited, it will be of a higher quality. We do this by working directly with the original inventors and genuine suppliers. We do not sell anything which we do not stand behind.

Lifestyle Gear NZ – International Outdoor Products for Kiwis

Lifestyle Gear NZ was originally started when the previous owner was searching for sun shelter gear that is suited to New Zealand’s outdoor loving lifestyle. During this search he found the American brand Sport-brella. He also found other international outdoor brands that had not previously made it to New Zealand. When we saw the business for sale we jumped at the chance to not only buy an established business but also bring in the things we love. What we have discovered was our passion to bring stylish and functional outdoor gear was not unique to us but also welcomed by many Kiwis.

We stand behind what we offer and are committed to sourcing original outdoor products through reputable suppliers or the inventors. We will not and do not accept “rip offs” or counterfeit products. As a result you can be sure we will only bring you the best.

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