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Ambassador for Lifestyle Gear NZ

Lifestyle Gear has appointed an Ambassador to represent our gear and would love to introduce to you, Letitia Buckle – Lifestyle Gear Ambassador.

We have been approached by a number of people with opportunities to represent our wares, it got us thinking. As a result we thought long and hard about who we were and how we wanted to be portrayed.

Letitia is one of these gorgeous people who lives life to the fullest and admits to having FOMO. We followed her adventures and over a period of time decided she would be an awesome Ambassador. Furthermore, her attitude and outlook on life closely aligns to ours, although she is a heck of a lot more active. We certainly prefer more of the relaxation in the outdoors!

6 things to know:

  1. Letitia’s dream is to one day ride in a cattle drive and stay on a ranch. She loves the movie Australia and is currently obsessed with Heartland (Netflix).
  2. A checklist gets her through most days.
  3. She tries to achieve a goal every year. 2018’s goal is the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge. 160km!
  4. She loves a good Chardonnay. Sadly there’s been none of that for a few months during training ?.
  5. Letitia loves to grow her own fruit and vegetables and is experimenting with companion planting.
  6. She lives by the 4 F’s – family, food, fashion & also fitness.

As a Lifestyle Gear Ambassador, we think she is brilliant for the task of representing who we are and what we are about. She has already hit the ground running with multiple posts about some of our range.

You too can share and follow Letitia Buckle and her activities as she is a frequent user of social media, with fresh updates daily, she is always sharing her next adventure. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram or check in frequently with our blog.

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