Summer Picnic Tables

Summer Picnic Wine Tables

Summer Picnic Tables are a unique wine & picnic table range that not only fold flat when storing. But holds your wine bottle and glasses safe when set up.

Perfect for your day at the beach, a romantic picnic for two. Sharing with a group of friends. During a camping trip, or at any outdoor concert where you need to hold your favourite drop upright. All the while keeping your food off the ground.

No more do you need to worry about your glass of wine or bottle of beer falling over on uneven ground. No more worrying about someone kicking it over, or the children’s ball spilling your favourite drink.

With the standard size you will keep a standard bottle safe and four wine glasses upright and snacks out of the dirt. Whereas the banquet version looks after six glasses and also features a bucket to keep drinks chilled.

Available in three colours (Blue Bay, Sunset or Natural). Two styles (round or square). Two sizes these hand made tables are not only essential for any picnic. But we are now pleased to offer a limited number of etched/engraved editions which are also perfect to add to your camping or glamping equipment list as an ideal accessory.

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