Wine Accessories

Wine Accessories

Corkcicle wine chillers keep your wine at “just right” drinking temperature, preserving the unique complexity and aroma each bottle contains. The Ultimate Wine Accessory!

Freeze this wine bottle chiller and once you have taken your first glass from a white wine or a taster from red, place it in the bottle.

Furthermore, the reusable wine stopper balances the chilling temperature in white wines. Efficiently cools room-temperature reds. Keeps wine at desired temperature up to an hour.

This wine bottle chiller has a cork seal to maintain the flavour and prevent the chill from dissipating.

BPA-free plastic and non-toxic thermal gel. Hand wash only.

Specifications Model: 5060

Materials: BPA-free plastic, non-toxic thermal gel and cork. Made in China Care and Use: Hand wash only. Freeze for a minimum of 2 hours prior to use

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