TreePod - Spacious Hanging Retreat



TreePod Cabana & Lounger – Spacious Hanging Retreat. Spaces that literally “hang-out”. With all the style of a hammock & floating glamping tent!

TreePods offer the perfect space to relax while suspended off the ground. The one point suspension hammock/tent hybrid, TreePod provides all users with a secluded space & a sensation of floating. TreePods have been designed to allow you to unwind in privacy. Made from soft durable, breathable cotton/canvas fabric. They are strong enough to accommodate up to 226kgs. Enough to hold two adults and also a couple children.

The mesh-sided Cabana is a hanging chair, hammock alternative. This model provides an open & airy place to relax & star gaze! The mesh sides provide users with 360-degree views. Along with improved air circulation while providing shade in comfort.

The hanging tent Lounger also compliments any indoor or outdoor space. With all the comforts of a hanging glamping tent. The Lounger is also perfect for creating a space in your home or office. Furthermore, it gives users some privacy due to its solid canvas sides.

The TreePod Cabana & Lounger are both available in a variety of accent colours and a full range of accessories also. These hanging chair/hanging tent alternatives suit a myriad of environments. Home or holiday house. Work or play. Inside or out. Office and also game room.

The TreePod Cabana & Lounger range is exclusively available in New Zealand through Lifestyle Gear. The range of this new-to-market product is limited initially. 

However, if you are interested in becoming a retailer of the TreePod, please click here.

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