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Recycled Classroom Mats – Genuine Cultural, Maori & Pacific or modern fashionable designs

Our range of recycled classroom mats have been made in genuine cultural Maori & Pacific designs. Or modern fashionable colours and designs are suitable for any educational institution. Kindergarten or early childcare centre. Playcentre or Primary School. Kapa haka group and also a Marae.

The entire range are warm and soft in winter and also cool in summer. Our floor mats are a great alternative to traditional classroom floor mats. Recycled Mats also bring culture and heritage, colour and functionality to any learning environment.

Made of recycled materials, these plastic classroom mats bring a degree of sustainability to the floor. Furthermore, they will brighten up any space. Plus create a talking point amongst students, parents and visitors alike. Choose one for any kindergarten, play centre, daycare or educational institution to add colour and also culture.

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