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Glamping Tent, Hammock Alternative!

TreePods are made from a durable UV protected, water-resistant polyester-cotton blend canvas. Much like any camping or glamping tent.

TreePods portability and size however make them a great tent alternative! They also only need one suspension point to hang them and an area of 2m x 2m.

Capable of accommodating a few children or a couple of adults, the TreePod Lounger and Cabana are a perfect alternative to a large glamping tent or any two-person tent on the market.

TreePods also makes the perfect alternative to any hammock or day tent in your own backyard. Hang from a garden structure such as a gazebo or pergola. Suspended from your internal ceiling as a hanging chair in a tv room or study. Or hang from the tripod stand on your deck or apartment balcony

TreePods accessories make them suitable for any occasion where the goal is to relax and unwind. They are also a great addition to your camping equipment list.

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