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Kindergarten Play Mats

Lifestyle Gear is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of recycled kindergarten play mats. Our Recycled Mat collection include a range of genuinely designed Maori, Polynesian & Pacific cultural floor mats. The selection of modern designs are also perfect for primary classrooms. Whether it be classic stripes in modern colours. A more traditional moroccan design. Or something with a turtle image. They will add colour to any space.

By two of the same mats and just turn one over to the opposite side.

Our recycled play mat collection offers a range of designs are not just suitable for kindergartens. They are also suitable for any early childhood facility or playcentre. All mats are designed to provide comfort and are also extremely durable.

Every one of the mats is equally suitable for inside the classroom or out in the playground. Furthermore, the lightweight nature means these mats are easy folded and carried by anyone.

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