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Easy of use and portability are essential to New Zealand families when in the outdoors. Providing shelter from the sun and UV is definitely a necessity for kiwis. The pop up Otentik Beach Tent is suitable for a couple of people or family groups. They are the perfect accessory when camping, picnics, and also when spending time at our beaches.

Made in Europe from a lycra fabric the is spf 50+, Otentik sun tents are the newest latest available in NZ. No longer does anyone have to worry about rigid bulky traditional umbrellas. There is also no fiddling with the joining of many poles. Or worrying about getting it pegged down before the wind blows it down the beach.

Pop Up Otentik Beach Tent

Easy to use with sand bags and no pegs. Wind resistant & UV Protection Factor 50+. Lightweight, compact & furthermore portable.

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