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Clever Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors – Recycled Plastic Outdoor Indoor Mats are ideal for relaxing at home or anywhere you like to share good, fun times with family & friends.

Like all the durable, comfortable floor coverings from Recycled Mats, these mats are long lasting and easy to maintain. Made from 100% recycled plastics, such as plastic bags and PET bottles, they are light weight. Making them east to transport and store, and wipe clean with ease.

Popular mat designs for cultural centres, classrooms or for camping or beach travel. Celebrate local cultures as you relax on the mat. Or use the designs as a teaching tool about world cultures.

Perfect for indoors or outdoors, our mats are woven from recycled materials and are sure to impress friends or family!

Whether the need is for childcare mats, camping floor mats, indoor play mats or outdoor picnic mats, our recycled mats are:

  • made using 100% recycled polypropylene;
  • soft and comfortable long-lasting UV treated;
  • lightweight and easy to roll up, transport and store;
  • mould resistant, fully washable and quick to dry;
  • reversible (two designs for the price of one!).

Recycled mats are a must-have addition to any early learning school classroom, and make teaching about diversity easy, practical and fun. Teachers will love the soft, warm space to share a story, whilst babies can explore textures and visual stimulation during tummy time. We also see our mats at sporting events, fetes and festivals, beaches and campgrounds, living rooms and office foyers. Wherever people love to combine bold colour splashes, talking-point designs and resilient, low maintenance ground cover, our recycled mats fit the bill. Make any space a celebration of colour, creativity and cultural diversity with high quality recycled mats.

Suitable uses for our Recycled Plastic Outdoor Indoor Mats:

  • Play mat in childcare centres & kindergatens;
  • Library ‘storytelling’ rugs;
  • Spread it on the floor to catch paint spills while the kids are having fun;
  • Use it during school or family outings;
  • Sporting occasions;
  • Family reunions;
  • Perfect for the beach – sand just washes or shakes off;
  • Perfect for picnics in the park;
  • High traffic areas;
  • Brighten a classroom or kid’s playroom;
  • Cover an old non-usable concrete spot and bring new life to the area;
  • Define a play space for children;
  • BBQ areas;
  • Camping;
  • Dog grooming shows;
  • Market stalls;
  • Lounge room floors or hall runners;
  • Cultural wall art;
  • Wedding or other ceremonial mats.

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