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A sunshade that provides Kiwi families, groups, outdoor lovers and beach goers with all the necessary sun protection.

Otentik Sunshade

Whether it be a couple setting up not only for a day of relaxing at the beach! But also down by the river or at the park for family/groups get togethers out of the house. This sunshade range caters for a myriad of occasions. The Otentik range is easy to put up as it uses sand bags instead of pegs. The entire range packs to in a small carry bag that can be carried by the littlest of family members, tucked in the bottom of the pram or put into a carry bag.

NZ is greatly exposed to the hole in the ozone and as such we need to be sure our products are rated with a Sun Protection Factor (50+) that is relevant to our harsh conditions.

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