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The smallest most compact inflation air pump available

Max Pump is made by Flextail Gear and is the most compact inflation air pump available in New Zealand.

This innovative device is small enough to put straight into the swimming bag. Or your pocket, glove box or just carry in one hand, yet strong enough to inflate and also deflate many pool toys and air beds multiple times.

The Max Pump’s compact design which makes it very portable. This air pump weighs under 150gms. Which is the same if not lighter than most mobile phones.

Every pump comes with a number nozzles and despite its small size, the Max Pump offers a lightweight, portable solution.

MAX PUMP – A tiny but powerful inflation pump

Convenient, lightweight, powerful, compact, rechargeable inflation air pump. Our children love to take inflatable toys to the pool. Inevitably we cram one pre-inflated toy in the car and quickly close the boot. Hopefully not puncturing it in the process. The Max Pump has assisted us in ensuring we can get more than just one toy in the car. Eliminating the nervous boot closure! All the while providing a relative peaceful swim with enough inflatables for all. The Max Pump is a great invention by the guys at Flextail. They have created an innovative device that is small enough to slot straight into...

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