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Solo Stove is the next generation in camping gear.

These camping stoves are ideal while on the go or in the wilderness and the next generation of camping gear. Whether you are camping or a hunter, these compact cookers use what mother nature provides – leave, branches, twigs and moss. Thus there is no need to worry about having enough fuel or gas.

Now available in New Zealand through Lifestyle Gear, the double burn technology is one of the most efficient on the market.

Portability is key when out and about. All of the stoves nest inside the matching pot sets. Meaning you only have to carry one unit.

Kiwis are over cheap products

As a Kiwi business, Lifestyle Gear NZ is dedicated to sourcing international outdoor products suited to New Zealand’s outdoor lifestyle. In a NZ Herald article Briscoes Managing Director, Rod Duke said "Over the past seven or eight years, a new perception of value has developed. Kiwis are over cheap rubbish, they're over lowest price guarantees. They're sick of buying things that break." Briscoes have moved their focus away from the cheap and nasty. They now endeavour to deliver good-quality brands NZ consumers know. Their aim is to do so at affordable prices. At Lifestyle Gear, we have a similar focus - providing...

Solo Stove – More Than Just a Cooking Device

Solo Stove Portable Campfire: We were super excited to be bringing in the Solo Stove portable campfire, that the first available weekend we high tailed it to one of our local beaches, children and marshmallows in tow. The Solo Stove is so easy to light and burns so efficiently it's effortless. We just kicked back and watched while the kids devoured more marshmallows than they should of! With varying degrees of success, my middle child trying to convince everyone that marshmallows on fire tasted better!! I loved the fact that this was so spontaneous and different from what we normally do...

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