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What better way to make a good impression on that person who has every thing. Give them a memorable or unique gift from Lifestyle Gear.

Finding a unique gift that has purpose, is functional and modern is hard. Especially for that person who has everything. Let alone finding a gift that will stand the test of time, is also always a task.

A thoughtful unique gift is a way to show your appreciation or love for that hard to buy person.

The solar powered Luci range or the usb charged Helio Lantern are small but extremely practical and functional.  Summer Picnic Wine Tables are perfect for any outdoor entertainer or socialiser. Otentik Sunshade are the new pop-up beach tent that always spark interest let alone modern and easy to use. TreePod hanging chair – day tent – tree tent – hammock – hybrid will certainly give you some brownie points.

So why not check out what we have to offer.

Fireflower firepit comes in handy during COVID-19

Fireflower - a portable bbq, firepit or brazier for one or for many. The COVID-19 experience has been interesting for most and different for everyone.  Being nature lovers, it’s been difficult not being able to venture out and enjoy the outdoors.  In Level 4 we were able to do exercise within our neighbourhood but not venture further than that. Then in Level 3 we were able to go slightly further but that didn’t involve the beach, lake or some of our favourite walking tracks.  The fact that we’re pleased to be able to visit some our favourite spots again is...

We’re mixing it up a bit this year!

Well we’re mixing it up a bit this year and trying things we haven’t done before, so for the month of March we have another 3 expos/shows we’ll be exhibiting at, come see for yourself at either one of these: NZ Home & Lifestyle Show, Eden Park, Kingsland, Auckland, 5-8 March. Covi Motorhome Caravan & Outdoor SuperShow, ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland 13-15 March. Central Districts Field Days, Manfeild Raceway, Feilding, 19-21 March. If you are looking for ways to extend your time in the outdoors, add comfort and convenience then we have several complementary products that work well together to...

Sunshades with a difference.

Our range of sunshades, beach tents, sun shelters (or whatever you wish to call them) have been hand-selected and are truly a game-changer for me! Normally I don’t spend all that long at the beach because I simply can’t handle the sun. I wilt in the sun. I’m fair and turn 50 shades of red without proper sun protection. This means I’ve tried a lot of sun shelters in the past. We usually bought a new one every year hoping it would be different but once I discovered these sun shades 3 years ago, I have never look back. It...

Let there be light!

If you’ve been following my previous blogs for Lifestyle Gear NZ and my activities on social media you’ll know that my family and I enjoy nature and getting amongst it as much as possible.  In doing so means being out in the elements and having equipment to assist with that makes all the difference. When introduced to the Luci Outdoor Solar Lantern 2.0 I was sceptical of its capabilities. But I was pleasantly surprised when using it for the first time and now it’s a staple in the car and ready on hand for any night-time adventures. We’ve used the lantern...

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven…….

I bent my knees, slid my bottom in place and shimmied my way to rest my back on the mesh.  Then let out an "ah" and wondered where this piece of equipment had been all my life. TreePod - a great alternative to a hammock or hanging chair and a unique present for that significant other. There is something about floating in the air in the outdoors.  When you have a busy life, there is nothing like, lying back and just simply pondering. Since then I’ve been constantly thinking of where I can hang my 6 foot Cabana TreePod. Mostly, it’s been...

Meet My All-time Favourite Pop-up Sunshade

Over what has to been one of the best summers we’ve had in New Zealand, I’ve had several people approach me about this ultimate shade and it is true that my sunshade has been on plenty of interesting outings this spring and summer.  The question is, do I rate this sunshade?  I. Love. This. Sunshade. After a rainy winter, we were desperate to get to the beach and enjoy some sunshine. Our first opportunity was at the Mount in the middle of October.  Mount Maunganui is one of our favourite spots in the country and this particular weekend the wind...

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